Saturday, May 9, 2009


Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord!

The Rehab center has been acquired and is in the process of being established with furniture, kitchen equipment and staff.
We have 15 girls who are ready to move in ..... not so fast!!!! We need to set up the home first!

I would like to introduce you to Peter and his wife, Patricia. Peter is a clothes designer who makes suits and other fashion items. Patricia will be with the girls during the day and will oversee them at night.

The house is very big- about 200 square meters or 600 square feet. The picture on the right is the cottage where Peter and Patricia will stay.

The right side of the house, showing the kitchen, and two bedrooms

The left side of the house

The bathroom. There is another shower in a separate room, and another toilet in another room.

This is the tiles lounge. It is very spacious and very cool. It can hold about 40 people seated in chairs, ideal for morning discussions, lectures and public meetings.

This is the outside barbeque area, ideal for social events and also for teaching homecrafts.

The house is bare of furniture. The kitchen is bare of cooking and kitchen equipment. The laundry is bare and so are the bedrooms.
If you have anything you can donate to us to get the Rehab house off the ground, please phone Petra Mercedes Luna or Steve Blomefield. Our contact details are on the blog 'Contact details'
We need everything that someone needs when moving into a new house.
Blessings in the Lord,
Petra Mercedes Luna

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