Sunday, September 6, 2009


Our day begins at 6.30 am where singing starts in the lounge. Once everyone has got up and joined the worshippers, we start praying.

We always pray God's blessing on those who have given to the ministry in cash or kind. We pray for those in the USA and all over the world who keep in contact with us and encourage us. We pray for the leaders of the ministry. We pray for the local pastors. We pray for our national leaders. We pray for financial provision and for the provision of food. We pray for the girls who are out on the beachfront.

At 7 pm each person will read, meditate and pray over scripture. They will ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the Word to them.

At 7.30 we will share what we have received. This causes us all to focus on the word and ask the Lord to teach us the Word so we all have something to share. Those who have nothing to share are often needing counseling.

Then comes the excellence program. This is a very important part of the rehabilitation program.

1. The girl will be given work to do. She will them assess how well she will do the work. She will give herself a mark as to what she believes she achieve.
2. After the work is done she will mark herself.
3. the supervisor will then mark the work. Encouragement will be given, or guidance as to more excellence.
as time goes on the girls will achieve higher and higher marks. This will give them a sense of self discipline, self achievement and higher morale and self esteem.

Breakfast follows at 9.30 then at 10 teaching is given, usually by the house manager, Patricia.

Lunch and then in the afternoon, skills program between 2-5.30 Local people will come and teach cooking, sewing, crochet, computer or basic work skills.

Supper and then teaching by Petra, myself or an African pastor, Pastor Julius.

In the mornings Pastor Steve will be writing, but in the afternoon there will be staff meetings, administrative work, meeting community pastors or counselling girls.

Finally half an hour of prayer and then bed at 10 pm.

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