Monday, November 9, 2009


The HOUSE was asked what were the dangers of the HOUSE OF LIFE MINISTRY.

The dangers include assassination by pimps angry that their girls have been removed from their influence; mugging as the streets are walked at 2 am in the morning, where drug users are desperate for cash for their next 'hit'; rape of the women who are witnessing the streets; violence against workers; hijacking of the car as it goes from one crime-ridden area to another [in Durban at night red lights are routinely crashed so that the car is not stationary and become vulnerable for hijacking].

But this is only the beginning of the dangers. The girls who come off the street are often infected by Tuberculosis; hepatitis B; HIV; often skin diseases, diarrhea; gonorrhea, and many other diseases that can be spread in a person to person contact in a house.

Some girls who come off the street have pent up anger and may become violent in the house. Twice there have been incidents of attempted violence- one with a knife and one with a pair of scissors.

The staff regularly pray for protection from disease and safety from sudden explosive anger by girls in the house.

The advantages? As serious as the dangers are, so also is the depth and breadth of reward in living in the HOUSE. To see women who are professional sex workers, some hijackers, fraudsters, liars, deceivers, thieves come to Jesus Christ and submit to his rule, and the indwelling Holy Spirit, then change comes and gracious Godly women emerge from the awfulness of sin. Then comes the voice of the Holy Spirit within. 'Well done you good, faithful servant'. After that there is a peace, a joy, a satisfaction, that comes to the worker. Our reward is not in money, property, cars, bank balances but our reward is stored in heaven where we will see girls who have been plunging towards an eternity in hell- come into eternity with Jesus.

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