Friday, January 29, 2010

Steve has moved!

Steve Blomefield, co founder of HOUSE OF LIFE MINISTRY in Durban, South Africa, has resigned from House of Life to pursue life long goals. Namely to write books he has longed to write for many years, and to further his theological training.

Unfortunately this blog site WAS called 'House of Life Ministry', and has been changed from this to the parent ministry of Steve Blomefield, nation builders Trust.

Because Blogger has at its core the USERNAME, which is the personal email address of the owner of the blogsite, and his personal password, these cannot be changed. What can be changed is the name and website address of the blogsite. So I have changed the name of the site to 'steve and house of life ministry' and again to the parent ministry 'nationbuilderstrust'.

Kimo of Ywam, Durban is going to cooperate with Petra Luna, Director of House of Life. They are going to choose another blogsite name, probably the old one 'houseoflifeministry'.

Then those who wish to follow the postings of House of life will be able to follow them as before, at the old Blog address.

I see that the former 'friends of house of life' are still friends of nation builders trust. You should be able to remove yourself as friends of nation builders trust if you wish. However, you may wish to stay friends on this blogsite because I will be posting insights into difficult questions that christians ask.

Such as 'How can Jesus be the Son of God AND part of the oneness of the trinity'.

How come John the Baptist was the greatest prophet to that date, and why are beleivers from that time greater than John the baptist?

How come the prophets of the Old testament were able to accurately predict the end of the empires that surrounded them, but we pentecostals cannot predict the end of the empires of today?

What process did the Old testament prophets use to prepare their preaching?

Can Christians of today use the same methods of old testament prophets to arrive at SIMILAR accuracy concerning the civiliations of today?

Why does the writings of economists differ so much from the writings of the OT prophets. Rememeber that while economists have a hit rate [accuracy rate] of about 60%, the OT prophets had a hit rate of 100%. Has this specific, detailed accuracy ever been repeated recently by genuine beleivers who were not mediums or channelers? [YES!!!!]

Why is it that so many beleivers claim to be filled with the spirit but exhibit lives that are far from lives filled with the spirit?

Did the Pentecostals make a mistake when they said that the EVIDENCE of being filled with the Spirit is the speaking in tongues. If yes, what is the actual evidence that a christian is filled with the spirit [from scripture, not Pentecostal Tradition please]?

steve Blomefield

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