Saturday, April 18, 2009


The Lord has mightily blessed us with a growing team of co-workers. It is miraculous how people have been attracted to the ministry. Team members come from Dominican Republic, Nigeria, and from the Indian community in Durban. We are one in Christ and have different gifts and ministries, all working together for the building up of the girls.

Pastor Julius, from Nigeria has been with me a long time. When I returned to South Africa last December, he immediately joined with me and has been a treasure to the ministry. He comes out with me, Peter and Patricia[Peter's wife] until all hours of the night. He also is very helpful in giving me understanding about African culture and African thinking.

Steve Blomefield, who has had a lot of experience in Drug Rehabilitation in Zimbabwe. He was on the staff of 'Bread of Life', a rehab Center for men in Zimbabwe for three years. He has a prophetic teaching ministry, using the principles of the Word of God to know where nations/churches/economies are going, just as the Old Testament prophets did. He has a very strong teaching ministry. He has done some teaching to us co-workers, some disciples and to a Phoenix [Durban] Churches. He knows how to use computers and he helped set up this blog site. He contributes wisdom to the daily running of the House of LIFE ministry.

Steve Blomefield

Rannimah from Phoenix. She is a helper, an intercessor, a cook, and an encourager

Silvia Moodley from Phoenix. She is an intercessor. She is an exhorter and has a ministry of helps. She helps call people from off the street and into the church. She also is a mature woman of wisdom, often giving very helpful advice at the right time.

Sally from Phoenix. She is a good cook, an organizer and a helper. She has loads of potential to help organization in the ministry.

Sheelan from Phoenix, Durban. He is a very active helper. He is also a very good cook. He has a lot of potential for the ministry.

Rannimah, Silvia, Sally, Sheelan, the Phoenix team.

Keiko Kawasaki, from Japan. Keiko is an excellent violin player and her music sometimes brings tears to the eyes of the commercial sex workers. Once she played at midnight and the African sex workers began gathering into a crowd, singing and dancing worship to Jesus. She has heart of love and compassion for the girls.

Keiko Kawasaki

Thank you Jesus

Petra Mercedes Luna

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