Saturday, April 18, 2009

Food, Glorious food [and clothes]

Food, glorious food...... so goes the Oliver Twist song.

One would think that with the high incomes that commercial sex workers, thieves and drug dealers get there would be plenty of money to go around. But it does not work out that way. What you sow you reap. ..... Give money to the poor and you lend to God- who pays with interest. Steal, make money from sin and the craving for the high, and Satan makes sure that those made in the image of God end up in the gutter.

Making an alliance with the devil may turn to your favour in the short term, but in the end satan is a destroyer, a thief, a liar. Those who serve him end up in need, in hunger, and live day to day in desperation.

A child cuddles sacks of maize meal - in eager anticipation- that comes from the USA via the container ministry of Grace Community Church, Durban.

Needy women and children fill small shopping bags with maize meal- enough for 3 to 4 days of meals.

Many familie from Phoenix, Durban regularly give cooked food to the ministry. Itgoes straight from the stove in Phoenix to the plate in the city center. The food is always eaten by co workers to ensure taste, health and quality. Dre Kruger from Grace cafe of Grace Community Church, Durban, also regularly gives fantastic, top quality meals weekly.
Children are not left out
Clothes are also given out

A family has a box of food from Umhlanga Baptist Church that originated from Lions Club,
a donated Bible from Umhlanga Baptist Church and some clothes

Thank you all who give weekly. It is all seen by the Almighty. It is enjoyed by people who cannot thank you in person.
Petra Luna
House of LIFE ministry

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